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Our Little Gigi has Typhoid

I got this email from Melissa who is in Haiti right now.

Gigi is sick and she has typhoid. We checked her this morning. She is doing a lot better this afternoon. Magdala put an IV in and she doesn’t seem to be throwing up as much. Last night she had a pretty high fever. There were four of us trying to get her to take some ibuprofen –  to get her fever down –  and she still got a foot loose and kicked me in the jaw 🙂 I will start her on rocephin shots, which i am sure she will love, but hopefully she will get better quick.

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As I just mentioned earlier – Jose is planning to go get her next week. We hate it that one of us is not with her right now while she’s suffering. Rosie got typhoid last year. So please – those of you traveling to Haiti – get your typhoid shot. 

We’re very fortunate to have Melissa in Haiti right now. Please keep our little Gigi in your prayers. It’s hard not to worry about her.

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Back in the Hospital

I was discharged Friday afternoon. Shortly after I was discharged my teeth began to really hurt. We called up a dentist who said I had a sinus infection and started on antibiotics. It was very PAINFUL. I just wanted someone to pull out all my teeth. The whole right side of my face was swollen and red. Because my teeth hurt so much I didn’t eat – plus the pain pills made me nauseated.

On Sunday I blacked out again and came back to the hospital. I couldn’t catch my breath and had a horrible headache. I was already dehydrated again – which is amazing because I only went a day or so without really eating. So I was put on oxygen and had a VERY rough night!  My O2 stats were around 89 and the nurses were in and out of my room all night long. They are treating me more aggressively this time. I had an MRI in July so they decided not to repeat that. But I got an EEG, EKG, Echocardiogram, another 8 tubes of blood, and various other tests. I’m still waiting on results from that right now. 

Jose went to the board meeting and took Malaya with him. He said it was great to see everyone at the 30th celebration. I’m so glad he was able to go and fellowship. We are looking to bring Gigi out at the end of next week. Hopefully all of my medical issues will be resolved by then and he can leave with peace to go get her. 

Thanks for your prayers. We did an ultrasound here in the hospital again just to make sure the boys were okay – and they are great. One of them has a little urine in it’s kidney though and it could make for a problem in the future. They told me it’s nothing I’ve done or nothing that I can fix. They just said that sometimes with twins – this can happen. So we just have to make sure that he doesn’t have kidney failure when he’s born.