Fun With Flags – 2018

We did 2 street performances in town! Then we ended with another one at the town square…. right before their big soccer match started! Here’s a video & pics from our day…

Happy Easter 2018!

Happy Easter From The Castillo Clan!


Rosie’s birthday is January 8th and Isabelle’s birthday is January 7th.  Our December was so packed full of activities we thought it would be better to postpone their birthday party for a month….sort of spreading out the fun!

Standing UP to the Bullies…

This week we’ve seen a lot of Mardi Gras walking around town….

Our Generation Christmas Party…

Saturday night was our party which was also the big reveal!
The party started with a plate full of food! And I’m talking about plates FULL of food!! We also had a Candy Buffet!!

Tree Trimming Fun…

SO on Tuesday we FINALLY got to trim the tree! There is not a spot left on that 9 foot tree…to hang an ornament! 🙂 

Do You Want To Meet A Savior?

Please be praying for all our efforts these upcoming weeks! Pray with all your might…. that this Christmas Season more children may come to MEET and KNOW the Savior!

Tidings of Comfort and Joy…..

(Taken from the Mole Ministry Blog) HELP US TRADE THEIR SORROWS FOR THE JOY OF THE LORD! September 17, 2017  While this time of year is now associated with panic and fear… it doesn’t have to stay that way.  I desperately want this season to be full of JOY – full of GREAT expectation! Only God […]

Our Generation Dance Performances…

After several months of practice…. Our Generation had it’s 1st public performance on July 16th! Emma Fowler (Our World Champion Choreographer) worked alongside Mikela & Malaya this summer preparing the team for this performance. On the 16th we drove around town performing in the street and inviting everyone to our 3-night revival! It was SO […]

Happy 14th Birthday Mikela!

Mikela invited 14 friends over for a slumber party! I can’t take any credit for tonight’s success…. Emma and Susan not only planned it but also executed the entire night!