2016 Clinic Needs…

We are so grateful for those of you who want to help us keep our clinic going in Mole St Nicolas. We have the only functioning pharmacy in an hour-radius and we have 1000’s of pills that leave the shelves each week.

If you want to collect supplies – please email me at jody@nwhcm.org to get the current stock of our pharmacy and the needs we have  – as it can change drastically from month to month.

All of the things below are items we can use – BUT right now we have enough alcohol swabs, Doxy, and Diflucan to give to every person who lives in the northwest! LOL! So better to email so we don’t double up on things and our most urgent needs can be met.

Clinic Needs…

4×4 Gauze
Adult Cough/Cold
Adult Pain Meds
Alcohol Swabs
Antibiotic Ointment
Antifungal Cream
Blood pressure medication
Burn Cream
Children’s cough/cold
Children’s Tylenol
Cough Drops
Diaper Rash Cream
Eye Antibiotics
Eye Drops
Hydrocortisone Cream
Infant Gas Medication
Insect Repellant
Rolls of Gauze
Seizure Medication
Stool Softner
Tongue Depressors
Vitamins – Adult and Children
Worm Medicine
Healthy Happy Heart Packets :D
Put any of the following in a zip-lock bag to pass out to sick children:
1) Bandaid
2) Sticker
3) Hard Candy/Sucker
4) Pencil
5) Small Toy
6) Small bar of soap
7) Small tube of toothpaste
8. Small toothbrush


  1. Clinic needs… The folks from Georgia are on it! Hehehe

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