Tree Trimming Fun!

Happy Halloween 2018!

For the past several months our Children’s Church has been earning points for their special party – which we held tonight from 5-7:30pm!

Not Your Typical Sunday Prayer Service…

We had an unplanned, unexpected, God-inspired victory walk that night.

Fun With Flags – 2018

We did 2 street performances in town! Then we ended with another one at the town square…. right before their big soccer match started! Here’s a video & pics from our day…

Standing UP to the Bullies…

This week we’ve seen a lot of Mardi Gras walking around town….

Tree Trimming Fun…

SO on Tuesday we FINALLY got to trim the tree! There is not a spot left on that 9 foot tree…to hang an ornament! 🙂 

Do You Want To Meet A Savior?

Please be praying for all our efforts these upcoming weeks! Pray with all your might…. that this Christmas Season more children may come to MEET and KNOW the Savior!

Happy 14th Birthday Mikela!

Mikela invited 14 friends over for a slumber party! I can’t take any credit for tonight’s success…. Emma and Susan not only planned it but also executed the entire night!

Happy Independence Day!

Where to begin? Bonfire? Carnival? Ninja obstacle course? Dance performance? Hmm…. it was such an AWESOME night!

Happy 2nd Birthday Fabi!

On Saturday Fabi turned 2 years old! On Sunday we invited her family over to celebrate! She’s such a little miracle…. and I’m so thankful God brought her into our lives.