Tree Trimming Fun…

SO on Tuesday we FINALLY got to trim the tree! There is not a spot left on that 9 foot tree…to hang an ornament! 🙂 

Do You Want To Meet A Savior?

Please be praying for all our efforts these upcoming weeks! Pray with all your might…. that this Christmas Season more children may come to MEET and KNOW the Savior!

Happy 14th Birthday Mikela!

Mikela invited 14 friends over for a slumber party! I can’t take any credit for tonight’s success…. Emma and Susan not only planned it but also executed the entire night!

Happy Independence Day!

Where to begin? Bonfire? Carnival? Ninja obstacle course? Dance performance? Hmm…. it was such an AWESOME night!

Happy 2nd Birthday Fabi!

On Saturday Fabi turned 2 years old! On Sunday we invited her family over to celebrate! She’s such a little miracle…. and I’m so thankful God brought her into our lives.

Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday! Happy Dancing!

To help promote unity & the importance of family – twice a month we do something fun. Tonight we invited the children over for a cook-out!

Happy Mother’s Day…

On this Mother’s Day I find myself experiencing a wide array of emotions….

One emotion that stands out to me the most right now – is unrelenting thankfulness for all the moms who have helped our crew of kids through the highs and lows of our ministry journey…

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation….

This competition was two-fold…. the top 3 dancers were awarded prizes… and the top 12 dancers were chosen to be apart of the very elite dance group called – OUR GENERATION!

Easter Morning Breakfast…

We invited the community to come for peanut butter sandwiches and homemade hot chocolate. Our kids and our Dames group were the hosts – serving everyone before the start of our Easter Service.

Happy Easter 2017!

Oh the Joys of a Castillo Photo Shoot!