Here’s a look at our past few posts from Facebook. There’s a lot going on this week and the upcoming two months!  I can’t wait to share more about our planned activities and events for November/December! I’ll try to post that update soon.
OCTOBER 31st (today)
Phew! This is a busy but super-fun week for the Mole Campus!

Today we decorated the therapy room for our SPA DAY PARTY!The party will be on Thursday. This celebration serves two purposes. We are inviting many of the girls from our Princess Camp AND we are celebrating the twins 3rd Birthday! All together it’s 19 little girls!

Each girl will have a robe, white slippers, a headband, a ring, clip-on earrings, and a boa. They will also receive a manicure, pedicure, little tattoos, make-up, hair extensions, perfume, and cool sunglasses.

Each girl will also get a doll-head with long hair, barrettes, and elastics so they can be a stylist too!

We bought cute little straws and umbrellas to put in their juice as they arrive. As for the food – we have spaghetti w/hot dogs, popcorn, chips, candy, and cake!

We had originally planned to throw the Spa Party later in the month, but we need to turn the therapy room into a Superhero Comic Room.After Thursday, we will take all our “girly” stuff down and transform the whole atmosphere of the place!

Our Children’s Church Theme is ALSO superheroes – which makes it easier/cheaper to share decorations and props with the boys group.

Tomorrow we will BEGIN decorating the cafeteria – and there is SO MUCH to do! I have several life-size cut-outs, a tub of lights, as well as 6 tubs of decorations, prizes, toys, curtains, sashes, etc!

This weekend we will invite all the community kids for a movie and popcorn – where we will announce the new theme! We have costumes for the family, our pets, and several of our staff!

Jose & I are already exhausted. But it’s a good-kind of exhausted.



These girls really bring our family so much joy! They are hilarious!

Here’s a few cute pics of them in their school uniforms! Their lunch bag weighs almost as much as they do!!

I asked them what was in their backpack? (What do 3 year-olds need to bring to school every day?).  It’s crayons! 



Tonight we are hosting our Campus Halloween Party! The fun started at 7pm and will last until 7am! It’s a full night of movies – popcorn -candy – and sodas.

Also… Starting in November, we will be kicking off Children’s Church with our new series ~ Superheroes!

To celebrate our new theme, we will be showing superhero movies every Friday night for the community – and you know my family, leaders, momma Gigi, and Pierre have the perfect costumes! (Even our dogs have costumes).

Now that we have had a successful Princess Camp, we will be starting a new Superhero Camp for 20 boys!

In just a few weeks, we will be transforming the therapy room into a superhero comic universe – complete with costumes, decorations, capes, crafts, books, and toys!

Here are a few pictures from tonight. (I may or may not have the exact same costume as Fabi & the twins!)

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