Heading to PAP Tomorrow….

We secured 10 barrels of Diesel today 🙂 God is good!

We also made contact today with Agape Flights who have extra food in Cap Haitian. They’re trying to make arrangements to deliver that to Port-de-Paix. I told them we really needed Rice, Beans, and soap! So we’ll see how that pans out. They said that MAF (Missionary Aviation Flights) as well as Samaritan’s Purse have planes and helicopters out surveying the damage. So between those two – we hope to secure a plane to bring us supplies. So that’s exciting.

Janeil, Mary Beth, Andy (our photographer) and the Kids Against Hunger group arrive tomorrow. The plan is to head out west if the river will allow. Right now – it’s still too high for trucks to pass through.

I’m heading to Port-au-Prince tomorrow. I have an appointment at the Embassy for something unrelated to the hurricanes – however I hope to seize this opportunity and perhaps have some meaningful conversations with the workers there and see what their plans are for helping the northwest region.

I’ll also be bringing 2 empty coolers that I hope to fill with meats and cheeses to bring back to the missionaries here. I didn’t realize how low on food we were when we arrived or Jose and I would have brought more with us.

Jose and I have felt the burden to go to Gonaives. We just can’t seem to get the pictures and videos out of our mind. I’m talking with Wisley about arranging a trip for us to go on. We can take a truck half way there and then we would need to get on little motos to make it the rest of the way there. I know it will be quite the adventure and I’m not one really looking for an adventure but I feel like we should go and survey the damage there and see if there’s something the mission can do to help the people there. That might be a trip that happens at the beginning of this next week.

Please be in prayer for the group coming tomorrow as well as my trip to PAP. With Andy coming – we should be able to get some amazing pictures of the damage in the northwest.

Please be in prayer too for the trip to Gonaives as we’re trying to figure out logistics for how to make that a reality.

Please pray that Agape is able to come through with food for our area – that we will be able to continue to secure diesel and that I’m able to get needed food for the missionaries here tomorrow when I’m in PAP.

Thanks for continuing to hold us close to your heart and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

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