Ansefoleur and St. Louis Du Nord

This is a picture of a canal that is being constructed in St. Louis du Nord. With the hurricane waters running off the mountain – there were a lot of homes destroyed. So this canal is to help guide the water down safely and hopefully save a few homes

This is a picture of one of the homes that is right by the ocean. This is their “kitchen” which is just amazing. Look at how the concrete floor has been cracked and up-rooted. Amazing…..

This is another home that’s missing a wall and a roof now thanks to the hurricanes…

Jose went with a crew to Ansefoleur today because there was damage reported on the church that is right beside the ocean. Even while they were talking – the Pastor stomped his foot and block started to fall. These pictures aren’t really great – but maybe you can see on the bottom that there is a huge hole in the ground. You can see the stairwell that goes leads to the 2nd floor of the church but the foundation itself was hit hard by the storm and the hole keeps getting bigger which threatens the church’s stability.

This is a picture of the neighbor of the church. His complete porch was blown away by the storm. You can see the fresh cement he’s pouring right now trying to fix the front of his home.


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