Will You Have the Baby Already?

So I posted earlier (then removed) that Janeil and Heather were at the hospital and were going to have a baby and it was a false alarm! This is the 2nd time I’ve been excited only for them to come back home with no baby! So frustrating….(okay maybe a little more frustrating for them than for us over here in Haiti!). Every day all the employees ask – Has Heather had the baby yet? 

Speaking of babies – I was thinking of when Gabriel was just a little baby and was in the NICU for a few weeks. Then I remembered how little he was then and how big he is now. Then I REALLY remembered that I have yet to have his first birthday party!

I sent over all the decorations for his First Birthday Party back in June and then we left in July and we never got to have it. I have all kinds of baseball decorations – two tubs full! Yeah – I’m crazy that way. When Malaya had her first birthday I totally forgot to bring in stuff for it and we had to make decorations from construction paper and I grabbed toys she already had and wrapped them! I felt HORRIBLE! So I’ve always gone overboard ever since. 

So tomorrow is the last day of the employee meals because we have a group coming in soon. So for their last meal – we’re going to go out with a bang! We searched high and low for a case of chicken, macaroni, some sad looking vegetables for a salad, and lots of cake! Tomorrow we will celebrate Gabriel’s birthday (three months too late) with all the employees! I know they won’t understand all the baseball decorations or the CD full of songs you hear at a baseball game – but they will enjoy the food 🙂

I’ll post pictures tomorrow! Who knows maybe Ruby can be born on Gabriel’s fake birthday!

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  1. If you haven’t seen Janeil and Heather’s blog lately – make sure you check it out. Their pictures and dialogue are hilarious! – janeilavekmadamli.wordpress.com

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