Christmas for the Street Kids…

We’ve been showing movies every night! The kids line up at the gate around 6pm. We pass out Skittles and Pop! One little kid told me it was all he had to eat today. It’s amazing the things we take for granted. It’s amazing what a $1.00 (skittles and drink) can do for just one kid! The excitement on their faces – priceless! The kids were all spread out on blankets – we had about 400-600 each night. These pictures are not that good – with it being so dark and –  them being so dark – it makes it hard to get a good photo 🙂 

I asked the girls why we did movies like this and gave out treats to the kids. Malaya said because at Christmas everyone is supposed to get somethin’. Rosie said because if we don’t then that not nice. Mikela said because it’s Jesus Birthday and Jesus would want us to do nice things for others – – – We have to celebrate His Birthday with everybody!!! – – – – OH – My precious little girls!!



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