Back on IVs 🙁

Around 3 am this morning I got really sick again. It seems like my blood sugar is really low – only 40. Magdala put an IV in me early in the morning and it just infiltrated. I’ve been stuck about 8 times and we can’t get another vein. I feel like a pin cushion. I’m supposed to try to drink some fluids so that my veins will fatten up so they can give me a Dextrose IV. The problem is – nothing seems to be staying down. I thought all this was supposed to be over once you finished your first trimester! If only these little babies knew what they’re putting me through 🙂

So please pray that I can get all this straightened out and not have to make any ER trips to the states. In the last 4 weeks – I’ve spent 3 of them on IVs. I know if I go out to see the doctor he will tell me not to come back! So I’d like to take care of this in country!! We also have a group here – I’d like to be able to help a little more than what I am right now. The group is doing great by the way – in case any of you have any family/friends here. This has probably been the smoothest trip and the best news – so far – it’s been DRAMA FREE 🙂

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  1. The mom in me says to do what is best for you and the babies, everything else will work out.

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