Kids First Day Of School….

Mikela has school Monday-Friday and goes all day long. Rosie has school Monday-Friday and goes a half day. Malaya has school on Tuesdays/Thursdays and goes a half day.

On Thursday we were ready to take all the girls to school. Mikela and Malaya got to go but Rosie didn’t. She was NOT happy. I didn’t know that preschoolers couldn’t start the same day you turn in their paperwork. But apparently that’s the case. So I had Rosie dressed and at school only to bring her back home! 🙁 But she starts tomorrow. 

Malaya loved her school. She brought home all kinds of paperwork  – showing me all that she had done at school. We’re working on writing names for her Valentines right now. She already asks every day when she can go back to school. 

Mikela loves school but already has a lot of homework! I was surprised to see how many little things she needs to do. I was also a little overwhelmed to see how behind she was in reading. The other little kids know so many words. We’ve been working on about 30 words – but it’s taking some time to sink in. She already has a ton of friends. She doesn’t know any of their names but she missed part of school on Friday to get an eye exam. When we dropped her off at school – the kids were at recess. She must have had 4 little girls fighting to hold her hand! It was SO PRECIOUS!

It was funny at the eye appointment too.  We had friends arrange for the girls to get their eye exams for free. Well Mikela was SO MAD that she didn’t need glasses. She actually cried. Do you know how smart she is? She on purpose started saying the wrong pictures just so they would give her glasses! But she has perfect vision! All the girls have perfect vision! Praise the Lord! 

I see the High Risk doctor tomorrow for an ultrasound! We hope to find out what we’re having as well! Hopefully nothing but good things to report tomorrow! 🙂

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