The Castillo Family has had a very rough pregnancy and we want to do something special for them. Jody has spent the last several weeks in the hospital and will more than likely be there off and on for the duration. She was unable to make it to the 30th Celebration in Indiana and so we want to bring the Celebration to her.

We are throwing Jody and Jose a baby shower April 18th at 1pm in Lexington, KY. We are inviting everyone (men/women) to come celebrate with us. If you click on the Babies’ Needs Tab above – you can find out all the information about this special day. If you can attend or would like to just send something – my email address/shower address is included in the tab above. We really want to “shower” them with love so we hope you can participate in some way! Please email me if you can attend. 

Baby Shower Info

THANKS – Monica Reich

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