We got a real lesson of the HAITIAN curse about twins when we took Gigi in over 6 years ago. Gigi was two years old and 7lbs – barely surviving. I remember when she got malaria and was near death. The Miriam Center was right outside my window at that point and I could hear one of the kids crying. It was Tamara (Gigi’s twin sister). Gigi’s mom was spanking Tamara for making Gigi sick. It took many months for her to understand that twins do not have that kind of control over each other.

Haitians believe that twins have special dangerous powers! One twin can make the other twin sick or cause bad things to happen. You’re never supposed to talk about one child being better than the other one – at anything. She told me I shouldn’t say that Levi is better at counting and Asher is better at colors. Those that believe in the curse will never compare….for fear of causing jealousy and them making bad things happen to their other twin. This is true even if one twin dies. If Baby A dies – and then Baby B gets sick – people believe that Baby A is still causing this to happen even though they passed away!!  They also think that the twins can make their parents sick if they don’t give them what they want or spank them!

When Haitians find out they’re pregnant with twins it’s not the blessing that most would think it is. Many times they will not tell anyone until it’s close to delivery. I asked her what people thought about her twins. She said since they’re special-needs…most think the curse doesn’t apply. Aren’t their rules amazing!

I asked her what she thought the Haitians would think about this pregnancy. She said that many will watch the babies and see if the curse is only for Haitians or if it affects Americans too. Many people think the curse can’t apply if you’re Christian….but some believe it’s true no matter what. So if Levi falls and breaks his leg – some will think Asher is the one who caused that to happen! Sounds like a great movie right? Should be interesting when we return!

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