Staff Christmas Party 2009

Our Staff Christmas Party was Saturday night. There were nearly 200 of us all gathered together  – singing, laughing, dancing, and eating! Diane Cornelius has a bridal store that donated dresses for the women to wear to the party! Everyone was so beautiful!

I have never seen so much food. We filled counter after counter and had to add several tables too. We served food throughout the night – however – we didn’t hit the main courses until 10pm. I MC’d the party and tried to add my humor in between all the acts. We had several singers, some told jokes, and some read poems –  but the highlight was the Haitian break-dancers! The employees were going crazy watching them dance and jumping over each other! SO –  I decided to add to the mix and do some of my own stunts like dancing and jumping over Jose! The employees laughed so hard they cried.

It was just such great fellowship. I think for 5 hours that night we got to forget our social status – forget our problems – and really just enjoy each other’s company.We were truly one big family.

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