Injured That We Are Seeing Up North

I sent Nurse Betty to Port-de-Paix today to see what types of injuries are showing up in the hospital there (only 10 miles from us). She said she never dreamed that people who were that injured could come this far. It’s at least an 8 hour drive on dirt roads full of ruts and holes. You have to drive through 3 rivers to get here as there are no bridges. You would bounce the entire way. So what patients could even make it here?

There were many missing limbs. There were people with parts of their bones sticking out. There was one with parts of their skull exposed. Many with crushed extremities. Never did we think those that injured would ever be here. Port-de-Paix had 24 surgeries today. They would have had more if it weren’t for lack of supplies and personnel.

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  1. Having been on that ride in good health, I can’t begin to imagine how those people are making it there. Its just heart-wrenching to think about. We’re praying for them …and for you all as you minister there.

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