In Loving Memory of Virginia Guilliams

Virginia Guilliams (Sam’s momma) has been coming to Haiti since I was a little child. I remember her teaching the mothers in the nutritional program along with my mom. She loved the orphans and she loved women’s ministry. She worked in the schools as well. In fact, there wasn’t much she didn’t do in Haiti. Her love for the people was evident by all that had the privilege of knowing her. She lost her battle with cancer yesterday morning. I know she’s dancing with Jesus now but it doesn’t change how much we love and miss her. This is a poem my mom wrote and I wanted to share it with you so you might know what a wonderful woman Virginia was.

What a Godly woman Virginia was
A loving mother no less
She loved Orville so much
Her Christ-like witness was the best

Her faith never faltered
Her goal never changed
Virginia started down the pathway
Never altering or loosing her aim

She was a child of God
A quiet Spirit but firm
When she taught the women in Haiti
She told them about a Heavenly Home

You see Haitian people cannot imagine
A house like we live in now
But I remember Virginia telling them
One day you will wear a crown

I am so glad she got to see
Sam leading the Haiti Mission
She was so proud of all her kids
Her grandkids were a joyful vision

But the battle is over now
I can hear her stand and sing
Who will share the gospel message
The harvest is ready to glean

She is calling each one of us
To continue the Gospel fight
Do not let Satan gain an inch
Hang on to the Everlasting Light

She will probably meet me at the pearly gates
With her Haiti shirt on and shinny wings
The roads aren’t bumpy up here my friend
Come on in and worship the King

Virginia was a special friend of mine
I have many memories to ponder
In my book she was the best
I can’t wait to see her up yonder

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