Onwards and Upwards…

It looked like my house threw-up on the courtyard today. It was really surreal seeing everything we own outside at the foot of our steps. My dad came to help us load up two rice trucks! Praise God for that! If it weren’t for his wisdom in packing –  my stuff would be scratched or broken!  It has a 6 hour BUMPY ride before it reaches the Mole!

We had a major thunderstorm and downpour towards the end of the day. So we had a forced time-out for about 45 minutes. Luckily we found tarps to cover everything while we waited out the storm. We started at 10:30am and finished at 7pm. I heard devotions starting upstairs as we were finishing up the last few boxes.

We have spent the last few weeks packing up the house into suitcases and garbage bags. It’s one thing to pack the stuff up and another thing to walk into a COMPLETELY EMPTY house. Our house was in the middle of construction the first time Jose and I slept here. We didn’t have doors or windows. Bats would fly in and out of the house and I would cringe! But it was home. So even though it wasn’t finished – we slept with mattresses on the floor.

Here we sit again. All the kids have mission mattresses on our bedroom floor. It’s a slumber party! Everything’s gone – I mean everything – every bed, every chair, every table, night stand, children’s toys,  – everything we have.  WOW! Weird.

We have a group from Pleasant Valley and Feed My Starving Children who will be spending a week with us out at the Mole. We will start construction on the church. That’s exciting!!

We have decided for this first week, we will go there without the children. We want to be able to get the house “ready” for them  – instead of them being there without any power, food, or beds! We have a small generator we’re taking out there. It should give us enough power for internet. So hopefully the next time you hear from me it will be from our home in the Mole.

We plan to come back to St. Louis for a few days around June 14th. This is when we’ll take our fridge and freezer and most importantly – the children!!

We have laid our insecurities at His feet. It’s time to follow His call and we are SO CRAZY EXCITED!!!

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  1. May God richly bless all of you as you make this significant move, Jody. You are such a “glass half full” person, I love to read your posts and am always uplifted and encouraged. On another note-I worked at and have been on the Board of Feed My Starving Children and the nonprofit I now work for partners with them. You will love your visitors, they are awesome!

    Nancy Wagner

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