Women’s Conference Day 1…

I have been praying for today for months – and it was a success!!

For those of you who don’t know – the pastor who started out with us this summer is no longer with us. Our employees have been worried about the damage that was done at the church – whether anyone would show up today. Our church normally ran around 10-15 people. TODAY WE HAD 110 PEOPLE AT CHURCH!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

We brought 27 people from St. Louis to help us run the conference. We knew the first night would be slow. We  knew we wouldn’t start on time – that the power would come and go – that the lights may or may not work – that the mic would have feedback  – and that it’s all okay because this is Haiti!!

I had been planning to speak for about 10 minutes or so. I wanted to be brief tonight. I do speak fluent Creole but I still normally use a translator when I speak in front of large crowds. But this morning I felt like I wasn’t supposed to use a translator but speak from my heart. I knew I wanted to say certain “spiritual” things that I really didn’t know the translation for. But at the same time I felt like God would just give me the words.

So I got to the mic. The first thing I said was – Satan, ou pedi batay. (Satan you lost the battle). The words came to me – and I didn’t stumble once. When I got done speaking Pierre and Jocelyn met me. They were surprised to hear me speak “perfect” creole! They said if they closed their eyes they would think a Haitian was up there. I am telling you there was a moment when I didn’t even know what all I was saying but there were tears in the eyes of those I was talking to and only God could have given me the translation! I have goosebumps even now as I type. It was Divine Intervention!

We all worshipped together and had an amazing Evangelist preach! We start our daytime seminar tomorrow at 9am. My mom is speaking first and then we have Allison from Savannah Christian Church speaking in the afternoon!

Keep praying…….there are many souls to save in the Mole!

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