Women’s Conference Day 2

It started raining this morning and I wasn’t able to post this from yesterday:

Today we had a great seminar! We started the morning off with my mom speaking about the Rock! That if we hold onto the rock – even though the world may fall apart all around us – that Rock of Jesus will help us through every obstacle.  Following her speech, we had a Haitian Woman share her testimony of how God saved her from a life of prostitution and took her ugliness and found something beautiful.

Then we had Allison from Savannah Christian Church share her testimony. She reminded every Haitian that everyone has a story unique to them and by sharing it with each other – we can find comfort. Following her speech  -we had another Haitian lady give her testimony about the Grace God has given her . At the end of the seminar but before the final conference at night – we handed out peanut butter to all the ladies! 🙂

In-between talks – we taught them a song. One of my favorite songs to sing in Creole is about having the spirit in  – Your Head, Your Hands, Your Heart, Your Stomach, Your Back, and Your Legs. You add a part of the body to each round and then at the end you go really fast and sing them all! It’s kind of silly – but a lot of fun! The ladies LOVED IT! Diane Cornelius recorded us singing it on the stage tonight at the conference. I’m going to try to upload it later.

The theme of the conference was translated – God knows you better than you know yourself. The Pastor was on fire tonight! He had such a great analogy. He said a Haitian man was driving down the road and his truck broke down. He just bought this Toyota truck and was so upset that he didn’t have it one day and it had broken down. He raised the hood – did everything he could think of – but nothing would make the truck work. A man walked by and the driver told him – how can this be? I’m not a mechanic – I’ve used all my money to buy this truck – AND now it’s broken.

The man told the driver to raise the hood of the truck. He then told the driver to start his truck. Immediately the truck started. He said I don’t understand – I raised the hood too but could not fix the problem. The man laughed and said – I work for Toyota. I built this truck. I know it better than you do – though you are the driver!!

In the same way  – God made us -and knows us better than we know ourselves!! Great analogy!

He preached about the desert – how we can find ourselves in the middle of it – the sand too hot to walk on and the sun beating down. But if we would allow Jesus in our life –  He can send a hurricane right in the middle of a desert! He will carry us on His back. His feet will take that burn for us. Do we not realize that if it weren’t for Jesus  – we would already be burning?

There were a few people who came forward at the invitation but the thing that really touched my heart was two children who couldn’t have been more than 12 years old. They were coming down to accept Jesus. The same two little girls I always see at VBS and out on the street when I walk outside.

I just LOVE the Mole people! Tomorrow morning we’re having a special 4AM prayer service! Indeed – God is moving in the Mole!

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