Helping To Hydrate Haiti…

I started writing this blog on Monday – while Asher was in the hospital and his little kidneys were shutting down….

It’s Monday night and Asher isn’t any better. I don’t understand. I have spent most of the night rocking him while he whimpers. Creak. Creak. Creak. Could this rocking chair make any more noise? He’s hooked up to IV’s and he’s getting medicine around the clock. I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed. I’ve sobbed all day. His little body is just so limp. With his sunken eyes  – his face looks like the poster child of a kid in Haiti. I can’t stand to see my baby so sick and yet I know I’m one of the lucky ones.

In the midst of my tears and the rocking of the chair – I thought about the mother in Haiti. Sitting on her dirt floor – her baby in her arms. Frantically she’s rocking him back and forth. No ambulance to rush her to the nearest hospital. No way of getting her child the care he needs. So she rocks back and forth – pleading to God – full of desperation – and completely exhausted.

No doubt her mind drifts to day he was born – the first time she held him in her arms – the first time he held her finger in his hand – the first time he smiled – the first time he uttered those precious little words – “momma”. Now he’s too weak to speak, too weak to squeeze her finger, and too weak to muster a smile.

In my worst day – in my worst moment – I thank God for the blessings I have.

When your children are sick in Haiti you have to pay for the IV’s and medicine before they even give them to you. You can’t show up at the hospital and just expect to be seen. What hospital in Haiti would ever survive by billing patients in Haiti?

So what do you do when your baby needs IV’s and you have no money? I’ll tell you what you do –you watch them die. That’s the reality. You hold them as they take their last breath and you fall to the ground weeping when they do. And it’s happening every single day.

My brother has written an appeal letter asking you to help us Hydrate Haiti. It touched my heart so much more having just experienced this scary time with Asher. As a mother of a sick child –  all we want is for our prayers to be heard. You could be the answer to a desperate mother’s prayer….

Janeil’s Appeal Letter

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  1. Jody I’m so glad that I finally realized that my computor is for more than e-mails. Can’t beleive how the children have grown. I miss going to Frankfort seeing Mary Beth. I miss Pam. I sent your Mother a picture of her and your husband. I think that was the last time I saw her. God be with you and yours. Love Berta

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