Finger Lickin’ Good…

Today Jose, Bena, Pierre, the Pastor, Momma Gigi, and Gabriel went to Marouge to pick up 60 chickens and 10 roosters for our Chicken Ministry!!

The pastor at our Marouge Church has been so instrumental in helping us secure the animals. It’s often hard to go to market and find enough chickens to give away. But just like KFC – we just placed an order and voila – they are served right up! 😀

We will be taking 22 chickens to the new fishing village – Preskul. The rest – we will be breeding in our new chicken house! Mr. Nene spent the last week building a 2-room cement home to act as our chicken farm.

Each week we plan on giving 9 chickens, 1 rooster, and 1 chicken coop to a needy famiiy!

Here are just a few pictures of Gabriel’s journey today!

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