Open Eyes + Open Heart = Open Arms…

The thing I pray the most fervently about is for God to give me wisdom. Wisdom to see the things that are hidden. Wisdom to act on the things He exposes. Wisdom to know which decisions are mine and which are His. Wisdom to make those difficult decisions no matter how tough. Wisdom to stand-up for what I know is right – regardless of the drama that might follow.

Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me your eyes so i can see
Everything that i keep missing
Give me your love for humanity
Give me your arms for the broken hearted
The ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me your heart for the one’s forgotten
Give me your eyes so i can see

I know those are the lyrics to a song but as I shared in a blog several years ago – those aren’t just words for me. It’s one of my daily prayers. Lord – open my eyes – open my heart – open my arms.

Many of you who’ve been to Haiti have had the pleasure of meeting Fedna! Fedna is a special-needs girl that lives by the bridge that goes to the mission property. She often sits outside –  alone – naked. I have driven past her house as late as 8pm – totally dark outside. No one was home. She is standing on the street in the pitch black. It has brought tears to my eyes knowing how little her family really loves her.

I know that the easy answer is to just take her. Bring her into my home and love her. Simple. But just because the answer is the easiest – it doesn’t mean it’s the best. I have worked with special-needs children for over 10 years. Sometimes the answer doesn’t lie in us “saving them” – as much as it lies in us teaching them – guiding them – showing entire families – how to love those that are different. I believe that there is an infinite number of lessons that Fedna could teach her family through our guidance. Through loving her where she is.

When we first took Gigi in our home everyone questioned us. Why would we take a child that was broken? Gigi has reached SO MANY people and shown them all what true love is during her precious 10 years of life.  I wanted Fedna to be that for her family. For her neighbors.

In praying for God to give me His eyes – to expose the things that are hidden – to know what concerns need follow-up – and to know how to act thoroughly upon them – God gave me clarity about Fedna.

I have told others before  – while this pleasant little town that I love with all my heart is beautiful beyond measure – – it also has many layers of darkness – many hidden secrets.

Regardless of all the good that Fedna could do in her neighborhood – when darkness is exposed as brightly as it has  – we have no choice but to act. We had already decided we would take Fedna in the orphanage once it was ready. But it will more than likely be spring now before that can happen. And simply put – Fedna is not safe.

So where do we go from here?

I prayed for Him to open my eyes. He gave me a telescope to see hidden things.

To open my heart. He showed me His love for the least of these.

To open my arms. He stretched His out and asked me to follow.

Little Fedna is staying with Tizzie until we return to Haiti September 1st. Then she will move in with us until the orphanage is ready. Please pray for her little life – that she will forget those that hurt her – that she will still reach those that don’t understand her – that she will be a source of light in a dark village.

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  1. What a beautiful smile! She is a precious little girl. I will pray for her to shine and touch hearts. I thank God for His guidance concerning her.

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