Christmas Family Fun…

Today Scott, Lori, & DJ came down to my parent’s house for some Christmas family fun!

My mom got a honey baked ham and made her spicy chili! My sister supplied all the AMAZING desserts! We played canasta most of the afternoon – and yes – Papaw and I totally claimed victory! We have laughed and joked until we cried!

It took us over an hour to exchange gifts but EVERYONE  had a GREAT TIME!! DJ is always so animated! I LOVE watching him open gifts! I think the funniest gift was from my sister to momma. She got her a rat caught in a mouse trap. When you push the button the Eye of the Tiger plays and the rat starts doing push-ups with the trap. HILARIOUS!

We ended the night going to church at Southland! Wow! LOVED the music! Found myself in tears many times! Easy to forget in all the hustle and bustle what Christ really did for us. We remember Him as the baby and we celebrate His birthday- – but we forget sometimes that the baby is our Savior! The story of His love is forever unfolding…..

I guess now would be a good time to introduce the newest little addition to the Castillo Family. She’s 3 months old and her name is Sophie! Apparently we didn’t think we were busy enough with 7 kids! What’s one more thing right? Yes Miss Beth – you have a new furry friend!! The good news is she won’t get bigger than 4 pounds! The bad news is  -the rats in Haiti might carry her off! The girls LOVE to dress her up like a baby! With Gigi’s sensory needs we know she will absolutely love petting her! She’s small enough to sit on her little lap!

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