Sponsorship For Isebelle and Gigi…

As you can imagine with 8 kids – our food bill can be pretty costly. So when our Haitian children were babies we started a mission account for them that allowed for each to have a sponsor! These sponsorships put food on their table!

Mikela & Rosie have sponsors but Gigi lost her supporter this past January. Gigi still cannot chew her food and requires it to be served in a very specific way.  Now that Isebelle is living with us we are also seeking sponsorship for her to help us with baby formula.

Please message me if you’re interested! And yes – we do send out updates and pictures to sponsors! 🙂



Gigi: Born with Rubella. Lived in Heaven’s Waiting Room (Miriam Center) for a year before we took her in as our own. She was nearly 2 years old and weighed 7 pounds. She could not chew & she only drank enough to stay alive. She cannot digest her food very well as her intestines remain inflamed. She is blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, cannot talk, spends most of her time looking at her hand, has the mental capacity of a 6 month old and is our pride and joy. She learned to walk when she was 7 years old.


Isebelle: While Isebelle’s mother was pregnant she contracted Tuberculosis. Shortly after giving birth, she passed away. When Isebelle came into our lives she was 5 months old & 7lbs. Her father was sick fighting TB himself and was unable to care for her. Isebelle could barely hold her head up & was very lethargic. Today she is able to sit on her own & beginning to thrive!

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