Dental Duty…

Yesterday we came back from Indy a little early so we could start Rosie on some medication for her dental appointment this morning. For the last several years we have been blessed with a dentist who sees all of our children for free each December when we are out.

Two years ago she noticed that Rosie needed several cavities filled. We gave her medication to knock her out before her appointment but it had the opposite effect on Rosie. Rosie screamed and flailed.  She was unable to treat her. Last year the same thing.

This year her teeth were much worse. She needs 4 teeth pulled & has 6 cavities. She also needs a root canal & a crown. The dentist told us that the infections in her teeth are very serious. If they are unable to treat her than we will need to rent an entire OR so that we can give her general anesthesia. This is not something she can help with as she doesn’t have an OR at her practice. It would cost us nearly 8K to get it all done.

Since Rosie is a little older – we were able to try Valium this time. The medicine completely knocked her out! We were SO excited! She was completely asleep in the van ride and couldn’t walk. We arrived at the dentist early this morning and as soon as we laid Rosie on the dental table – she SCREAMED and THRASHED again! We took her off the table and she was completely asleep. It made absolutely no sense.

The dentist was apprehensive to treat her as it was nearly impossible for Rosie to lay still. It took 4 of us to hold her down as she screamed &  tried to move! We brought sensory items for her – I brushed her arms & legs- she had sensory toys in her hand. It just didn’t matter. I think everyone on the whole floor could hear her!

At the same time Malaya is getting 1 cavity filled & since we are holding Rosie down – she is screaming while she is getting numbed! As another dentist begins drilling on her they realize her tooth is much worse than they thought and she also needs a root canal! 🙁

I am SO grateful that the dentist didn’t give up on Rosie. She ended up pulling 2 teeth & filling 2 cavities. She fixed everything on her right side. There’s twice as much work on the left size.

Rosie has been crying off and on today still traumatized by the event! She couldn’t process that part of her mouth was still numb as we drove home. I wished you could have seen her sisters just rally around her. Malaya held her as she cried on the van ride back home. Mikela brushed her and covered her up with a blanket as she laid on the couch. It was so touching to see the way they loved on her today.

Right now we have an appointment for January 2nd to finish the rest of her dental needs. We are going to increase her medication. She is having Rosie come in before they even open-up so other children aren’t scared by her screaming.

I know it’s a month away  – but I appreciate your prayers for a successful treatment that day!


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  1. Tell Rosie I’m so sorry she had to go through that experience. I’m getting ready to send a box and I’ll put her Christmas, birthday and some thing for her dental visit in it. Love to all,Laura

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