Family Christmas…

Today we had our family Christmas!

My sister’s family, my brother’s family, & my family all gathered together for the first time in MANY years!! What a house full!! I thought that the craziness might be too overwhelming – especially having 10 kids under the age of 9! But they all get along so great that the noise isn’t any louder than usual! 🙂

Today we played games, ate the most amazing desserts my sister baked, laughed until we cried, opened presents, and just had wonderful fellowship with each other!  It was so long overdue!  We also had a White Elephant Exchange for all of us adults! I must say that Momma Gigi didn’t quite understand the rules as she stole things from people whether it was her turn or not! HA! It was REALLY funny!

Now all the kids are playing Restaurant & uncle Janeil is the short-order cook! It’s about time we had a home-cooked meal in this house! HAHA!  The kids have created a menu, they all have their aprons on, taking orders, and ready to serve the yummy food! The whole thing is really an act of service!

Jose & I have really relished this time we’ve had together with our family! We just wish my other brother Bud could have been here today as well! He has to preach tomorrow and wasn’t able to take the long drive here.  Our boys were so happy to see their cousin DJ and the girls have been in Heaven playing with Nene & Ruby!

Last night after the kids & Papaw went to bed – Jose, Janeil, Heather, Nana, & myself must have laughed ourselves silly until 2am! OH how I will cherish that memory……  and this special day we’ve all had together!

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