Merry Christmas Y’all!

I pray this week has been a blessing to each and every one of you! We have definitely spent this season celebrating Jesus & treasuring our family! It’s been an incredible Christmas Eve & Day!

Papaw had taken Mikela, Rosie, Malaya, & Gabe Christmas shopping last week. So on Christmas Eve we exchanged their gifts! The children were SO excited to tell each other how “perfect” they thought their gift was for that person.

For example:

Mikela knew that Malaya wants curly hair. So when she saw a special craft where Malaya could make her own curly shampoo – she knew it was the “perfect” gift!

Gabriel knew that Papaw hung up his Christmas Cards on the wall. So when Gabe found a Christmas Card with a glittery house on it – he knew that was the “perfect” gift for Papaw! What’s funny is that Gabe can’t read but the card was about a parent who shows so much love & kindness and sets the example for us to follow. **Made us a little teary-eyed how sweet that card was!!

Rosie got the twins a flash light because she knew that they were scared of the dark. So the flashlight was the “perfect” gift so they wouldn’t be scared!

Malaya knew how much Momma Gigi loves painting her nails so she got her a nail polish kit! She knew when she saw it  – it was the “perfect” gift!

The girls knew how much I love decorating for Christmas so they each picked out a special ornament for me! Jose got hot sauce & coffee mugs! All of them were the “perfect” gifts!

Today we opened up our Sparkle Box which was full of the kids’ gifts for Jesus! Each child had dozens and dozens of papers in that box – each representing an act of service in the name of Jesus! It gave us a chance to discuss what REALLY is the “perfect” gift!

Tonight I think about all the Haitians who are celebrating Christmas who didn’t even know the name of Jesus last year!  I’m so grateful for our devoted staff and mission teams –  who spent all year loving on & reaching out to our communities  – so that tonight –  they might unwrap the perfect gift – and truly celebrate the birth of a King!


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