A Mole Family Christmas…

Today the kids got to open the presents they got each other. I love the way they thanked everyone after opening their gifts – –  and for the thoughtfulness they had in picking out their gifts for each other.

Isebelle loved all her baby dolls. She would stand-up and clap after EACH and EVERY gift!

Asher decided to get everyone a bandana! He even wrapped one up for himself and for several staff members!

Levi was funny because when he gave his gifts he kept saying – “You really gonna love me for this gift!”

Gabriel was more excited that he gave Levi a minion than he even was about his own pile of gifts! He knew how much Levi wanted one.

Malaya’s favorite gift was an angel bracelet that Levi got her. But a close 2nd was the Selena Gomez singing toothbrush!

Rosie loved ALL her gifts! She is one of the most grateful little girls. I love watching her sit and play with Isebelle too.

Mikela’s favorite gift was actually from Gabe – a ballerina doll!

Gigi turned 14 years old December 18th. I cannot believe how old she is! Her favorite gift was Christmas streamers which she has been playing with for a few hours now!

Jose & I will open up the gifts the kids got us on the 24th. Miss Beth though outdid herself and is giving us 2 Date Nights a month for the next 12 months – where she keeps ALL the kids!! YEAH!!! That’s the gift that keeps on giving! 🙂

Since they have the BEST TEACHER in the world – the kids took special care and thought in giving Miss Beth their gifts. She got angel candles, wooden angel figurines, a book, a special picture frame, a cup, and some pens!

Taylen (Janeil and Heather’s daughter from St. Louis Campus)  is spending Christmas with us. Her favorite gift was the Justin Bieber game!

The dogs were happy because they all got bones!

Here are a few pictures of our first family Christmas in Mole St Nicolas!

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