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Staff Kids’ Night Off…

It was our staff and their children who were shaken awake with rivers running through their homes. It was the young girls and their mothers who were carried to safety. Even today more than half are still displaced. They’re living in our girl’s dorm above the clinic – unable to move back home.

So Malaya and Mikela wanted to do something special for their friends to encourage them. Since 2pm Mikela & two of the staff girls have been making food in our home. Malaya made the dessert.

At 6pm we invited 16 teenagers into our home for a night of family fun. They started the night off in prayer – giving thanks for God’s protection over their lives and for the food that was prepared just for them. They thanked God that tonight they get to forget about what’s happening outside this room – even for just a few hours.

After we ate – we divided them into 2 groups to play the card game PIT. They played it for an hour! It’s a game where you try to get all the cards in your hand to be the same number. So you hit a bell to begin the trading. You yell you need X amount of cards – you might say you need 2 cards or 5 cards. You trade with people around you several times until all your cards are the same. This creates quite a lot of yelling! 🙂  Then you hit the bell once all your cards are the same and you win!

After the card game we watched a movie. After the movie I introduced them to a special “game” we’ve been playing with the staff adults for the past several years. It’s called Kindness Partners. You each draw a name. Then you do 3 Acts of Kindness WITHOUT getting caught.

Then at our next party you have to guess who you think had your name. If you guess correctly – you get a prize. If they guess wrong – then the person who had their name gets a prize.

They were SO excited to play the game and to have something else to think about these next few weeks!

I’m SUPER PROUD of Malaya & Mikela for hosting the staff kids tonight! Here are just a few pictures from our night. You may notice Fabi pretending like she’s just one of the teenagers! 



We are missionaries with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We have devoted our lives to serving His kingdom in the country of Haiti. We have 11 children and a thirst for an intimate relationship with our Creator. There may be a lot of drama on the battlefield but one thing is for sure.....There's Never A Dull Moment!

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