Do You Want To Meet A Savior?

Unfrozen: Do You Want To Meet A Savior?

That’s the theme for our Children’s Church Program these next 5 weeks…. and tonight we kicked it off with the Disney Movie – Frozen!

This week we went around town passing out cards and inviting everyone to the movie! AND tonight our cafeteria was filled with over 250 kids! Praise the Lord!

I explained to them that tonight isn’t like any other movie night… tonight is EXTRA special. I think that was obvious to see because several of us were dressed up in character AND the cafeteria was decorated like never before!!

The purpose of tonight was really to invite them to church tomorrow! So we wanted to dazzle them as much as we could – to make them excited about coming back. There is NO other place in town that has a children’s church.

These next 5 Sundays will be EXTRA special….. Mme Nene and Momma Gigi will be acting out a skit each week! We are adding new games, snacks, dances, activities, and prizes for answering questions about the lesson! AND most importantly – we are offering them an exciting way to learn about this precious baby who was born to save the world!

Please be praying for all our efforts these upcoming weeks!

I am doing my best to set them up on dates with Jesus…. but I can’t make them fall in love with Him.

Pray for frozen hearts to melt… that they will – Let It Go…. anything that is hindering them from accepting the Word of God as truth…. anything that is keeping them from believing that Jesus loves them as they are…. anything that is causing them to doubt that Jesus is more powerful than satan – than those voodoo drums that they hear beating outside their homes.

Pray with all your might…. that this Christmas Season more children may come to MEET and KNOW the Savior!



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