Happy Halloween 2018!

For the past several months our Children’s Church has been earning points for their special party – which we held tonight from 5-7:30pm!

We typically have 60-80 children every Sunday at Children’s Church –  but the top 34 children earned their invitation to tonight’s party! 🙂 (Their points are earned by attendance, inviting friends, & answering questions from the lesson.)

We started the party with face painting & decorating their special Halloween Bag!

After that –  we played 4-corners, musical papers (kind of like musical chairs), & the towel scoot game!

We ate Haitian spaghetti, Chiccos, cupcakes, & had our favorite Koolaid! (Lots of full tummies tonight!)

We also had a coloring competition (They colored cardboard crowns which they got to wear).

Our final game was the Ping-Ping Prize Game! They threw ping-ping balls –  on our our table – and as the ball landed in the cup… they received whatever prizes/candy was in it! 🙂


I’m so thankful for ALL the help we received from staff & missionaries! There’s no doubt that – TOGETHER – we made tonight a rememberable night for 34 special kids!!  (I might have great ideas – but it takes an army to pull them off!)

Here’s some pictures from tonight’s PUMPKIN PARTY!  



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