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Our Valentine’s Day Party!

On February 14th, our American group hosted a Fun-Filled Valentine Party for our campus kids.

The party started off with everyone making their own goody-bag! There were crayons & tons of stickers.  The child with the most creative bag won a prize!

Then we played BINGO! The BINGO cards were special cards.. instead of numbers, they had each of the children’s pictures on them. It was fun pulling out the names and having them place a heart over one of their siblings’ faces! 🙂

We then divided the kids into two groups. One group decorated tote bags with fingerpaint for their mommas in the orphanage. The kids placed their hands in paint and we strategically spread them out on each of the totes! What a wonderful – personalized gift for their mommas! 🙂

While one group was working on the tote bags, the other group played fun minute-to-win-it games! Then the teams switched!

After that, we had a coloring competition, played a few group games, and decorated sugar cookies. Each child went home with a bag full of candy & small toys!

I’m so thankful that we got to celebrate this special day with the Fisher Group! Though the candy is all gone now…the memory is priceless! The kids are still talking about it! 🙂


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Update From The Castillos…

Dear Friends & Family,

We would like to thank you for your thoughts & prayers. We have received countless emails, texts, voxes, & phone calls expressing love & concern for our family.

My first trip to Haiti was 40 years ago – when my mom was pregnant with me. Jose & I were married here in 2001 because we wanted to share that special day with the people we would spend the rest of our lives serving.

Jose and I have experienced countless coos, upheavals, natural disasters, unrest, etc.  I can honestly say that we have never felt called to leave the country during those times… and we have yet to do so.

Depending on where you live, your experience can truly vary.  Perhaps if we lived in PAP, we might feel differently.  But personally, we don’t feel like we can tell our friends/family here to “Trust God” and in that same breath say “Good-bye” as we pack up our family. The same God that we ask them to trust…is our God too. And though there are definitely times of great stress & frustration…I have thankfully never been afraid for our safety.

My dad loves to tell the story of the time a gang came to our gates wanting diesel. All the missionaries had been called out of the country. The airlines didn’t fly for several months. Everyone was afraid… our own security guards wouldn’t walk out the gates. I strapped on a pistol, put a shotgun over each of my shoulders, and walked out that gate. A fat white girl with 3 guns? Hilarious! I knew they’d laugh… and they did.

I told them if they took our diesel we wouldn’t be able to pump water. When the town is dying of thirst… I’m going to tell them you are the reason we have no water.  Needless to say, they left and never bothered us again.

God gives us what we need when we need it…that’s what I have learned. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t times where we drop to our knees begging God to free us from our calling, to surround & protect our family, to provide for our ministry, to remove the thorn in our flesh, to help us process what is SO unfair and unjust… but what it does mean is that we must get up from our knees each time and do our best to stand in the gap as HIS hands, feet, & face.

Currently in the northwest…. most of our villages remain calm. We freely walk through our town as though it’s any other day.

Because some of the main roads are cut… getting needed supplies has become more and more complicated. The price of those supplies is also increasing rapidly.  A gallon of diesel was 35.00 Haitian dollars last week AND we just paid 60.00 Haitian dollars today.  So while we currently aren’t facing safety concerns…. we will have to start rationing supplies.

I don’t share that for you to feel sorry for us… because we are blessed even in the direst of situations. But what does the average Haitian family do…when the cup of rice they barely could afford to begin with – now doubles?

We cherish your prayers always…. but we believe our Sovereign God will make His presence known even through this current tragedy. I have seen God redeem situations that seemed unredeemable. I have seen God move in places that seemed impossible.  What is out of our hands…has never left His.

In Kingdom Service,
Jody Castillo | BSN, RN
Director of Haiti Operations
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
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Medical Ministry Needs

February is one of the months that NWHCM missionaries can fundraise for their own personal ministries. 🙂

One of the ministries that is near and dear to my heart is our medical ministry.

Last year we expanded our medical space by adding a 40×60 building next to our current clinic. We then renovated our whole medical facility so that we could provide better & more efficient care for our patients. **Here’s a link to a previous blog: Clinic Expansion


The older building now holds: a play-therapy room,  a reception/charting room, a waiting area, and a consultation room large enough for multiple patients to be seen at the same time.

The newer building holds: our pharmacy, laboratory, medical storage, a nurse’s station, and an area to keep patients overnight.


We were able to fundraise for the majority of this project last year. We were able to construct the entire building. We also plastered the insides of the lab, pharmacy, & waiting room area.

We do NOT have electricity in this building yet but have been using extension cords so that our pharmacy can function 5 days a week.

We have been unable to open the laboratory yet because we don’t have the basic supplies needed such as slides, test tubes, blood withdrawal kits, etc., to get us started.  We do have larger items such as microscopes, a piccolo machine, & other portable testing devices.

We’ve had several patients come through our clinic that really needed to stay overnight so we could give continuous IV’s, monitor their vitals, etc.  Unfortunately, that area in our new building is still not plastered.

I have learned over the years that everything happens in HIS time. He knows the needs of our community and He knows the hopes/dreams we have for meeting those needs.

Isaiah 40:31 – But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] Will gain new strength and renew their power; They will lift up their wings like eagles; They will run and not become weary, They will walk and not grow tired.


If you would like to partner with us and donate towards our medical program – here are a few ways you can participate:

Checks can be sent to:
7301 N Georgetown Rd
Suite 190
Indianapolis, IN 46268
***Please include a note: Mole Medical

Online Donations can be made by clicking this link: online donation
***Please write in the notes section: Mole Medical

Funds raised will go towards electricity, plastering the overnight room, adding doors/windows to the remaining areas, and purchasing basic laboratory equipment.