Our Valentine’s Day Party!

On February 14th, our American group hosted a Fun-Filled Valentine Party for our campus kids.

The party started off with everyone making their own goody-bag! There were crayons & tons of stickers.  The child with the most creative bag won a prize!

Then we played BINGO! The BINGO cards were special cards.. instead of numbers, they had each of the children’s pictures on them. It was fun pulling out the names and having them place a heart over one of their siblings’ faces! 🙂

We then divided the kids into two groups. One group decorated tote bags with fingerpaint for their mommas in the orphanage. The kids placed their hands in paint and we strategically spread them out on each of the totes! What a wonderful – personalized gift for their mommas! 🙂

While one group was working on the tote bags, the other group played fun minute-to-win-it games! Then the teams switched!

After that, we had a coloring competition, played a few group games, and decorated sugar cookies. Each child went home with a bag full of candy & small toys!

I’m so thankful that we got to celebrate this special day with the Fisher Group! Though the candy is all gone now…the memory is priceless! The kids are still talking about it! 🙂


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