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Happy Birthday Rosie & Isabelle!

Last night we celebrated Rosie & Isabelle’s birthday with an Emoji-themed sleepover!

In early January – Rosie turned 15 & Isabelle turned 7… but we haven’t been able to celebrate their birthdays until now.

The party started at 6pm. We had a bonfire & roasted hot dogs, we went swimming, we had a dance party in the dance studio, we played games, watched 2 movies, and we had snacks all night long!

To ensure the night was seamless, safe, and drama-free… it was important to stay up all night and be present watching the girls. There were 15 girls in total –  all from different backgrounds. It was 3am before the last girl fell asleep. I tapped out at 5am and switched places with Malaya. They left around 9am this morning.

Here are some pictures from our fun-filled night! 🙂

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