Easter Family Fun…

As many of you know, Malaya & I have spent the past 5 ½ weeks stateside caring for my sister while she battles Stage 4 gallbladder cancer.

It has been a difficult season as I continue to mourn the death of Malonea (my Haitian friend/our 1stemployee in the Mole), my best friend Diane, and her mother Ruth (who was Malaya’s best friend).

And now as we deal with the seriousness of my sister’s cancer….. ugh. I’m a hot mess. 🙁

My sister was diagnosed with cancer last July and her scans were clear until February. She’s got two large spots on her liver. She’s had countless surgeries/procedures the past few months – including a stent placed inside her bile duct because the tumors were pressing against it and she was becoming dangerously jaundiced.

Tomorrow she starts the harshest of chemo/radiation combos in a last effort to shrink them. We are also seeking a second opinion as well – to see if we can safely cut out her tumors and donate part of our liver to her.

Please be in prayer for her and our family as we navigate through some deep, dark, turbulent, & terrifying waters. We know THE ONE who can walk on that water – who can part that scary sea. Please pray He will make His presence known and that she will have an incredible testimony of His great healing here on earth.


Malaya and I spent Easter with my parents & my sister’s family.  I am SO thankful for our time together and the fellowship we had that weekend.


As we do every year, the rest of the family served hot chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches at our Haitian Sunrise Service.

You can see pictures from that service here: https://molehaiti.org/2019/05/01/easter-sunrise-service/


Malaya & I returned home on Friday. Though we weren’t here for Easter Sunday – we celebrated together as a family this past weekend. This upcoming Friday we will host our Easter Egg Hunt & Children’s Church Party! We’ve got 60 children coming! We can’t wait!


I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to stay in Haiti before we need to return back to the states….  but I’m enjoying each & every day I have with my family. Each day is truly a gift from God and should never be taken for granted.

Here are some pictures from “our” Easter Weekend…


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