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Here are some updates we’ve posted on Facebook since my last blog post…

October 12th: Lessons learned while strolling along…

For the past month, I’ve been carving out a few hours every evening to spend at the park. This is where I walk, journal, read, take online courses, and catch up on work.

When it’s nice outside, I like to bring Sophie and Chloe. Sophie is the white dog & is 9 years old. This summer she got really sick and we were afraid she might die. So we brought her out to see the vet where they did a few minor procedures to rid her of a massive infection.

Chloe is brown and 9-months old. When I take the dogs to the park – Chloe runs wild. AND yet if you put her on a leash – she will refuse to walk at all. Sophie will walk right beside me – but she tires easily and moves slowly. So in order for me to get my steps in each day – the simplest thing to do is put them in a stroller.

Chloe has to look at everything. If we are out for 3 hours – she won’t sit down for even a second. There’s too much going on around her. I think she’s nervous she’ll miss out on barking at a squirrel.

As soon as we get back to the car – she’s exhausted! If you try to stand her up – she tips right over – keeping her eyes closed!


My shoulder surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 6:45am. The surgery is about 2 hours long.

I’m really not nervous about the surgery itself. I’m more concerned about being in a sling for a month and it taking several more months before I gain full mobility back.

We are entering into our biggest season of ministry! As soon as we arrive, we will be decorating the campus for Christmas and lining up our holiday events! It’s a non-stop pace for us.

So the timing of this surgery really stinks. The thought of not being able to use my right arm during these specific months is overwhelming!


I looked at my dogs today and laughed. When it comes to the Christmas Season- I’m just like Chloe! I’m consumed with everything going on and constantly worried that I might miss something/someone.

And just like Chloe – I’m finding myself completely exhausted as I over-think and over-engage with all the things surrounding me.

Here’s what I know….
Sophie and Chloe will arrive at the same destination – at the same time. However, Sophie actually enjoys the journey and still has love/energy left to give at the end of a very long day.

🔸Sometimes the best thing we can do is…🔸

  • Allow God to pick the park & decide which path we will stroll down today.
  • Be still long enough to enjoy the breeze & catch our breath.
  • Stop & stare at the art piece He painted just for us… the one we almost rushed right by.
  • Come to that peaceful conclusion that as long as God is pushing the stroller… we ARE going to arrive where we are needed – one way or another!


October 21st – 

It’s been 10 days since my shoulder surgery. I still can’t use my right arm but I’m determined to find joy & peace regardless!

I can’t text/write/dress/shower/stand-up/buckle-up/pick something up… etc. on my own! (Thanks Jose for typing this). 🙄😘

-if you dress me,
-put my shoes on,
-pull my hair back,
-drive me to the park,
-open the stroller,
-put the dogs in the stroller,
-put my ear phones in my ear,
-open up my Coke Zero,
And point the stroller in the right direction…

WELL – I can still walk 7 miles a day all by myself!!! (4 days straight so far) 🎊🎈🎉

#puppypeerpressure #GirlsJustWanttoHaveFun


November 1st – HAITI BOUND

3 adults
6 kids
2 dogs
18 suitcases
9 carry-ons
9 backpacks
2 pet slings

**And Rosie/me can’t lift anything more than 3lbs 💪

**And I only have 1 good arm 🩹

**And we are sleeping at the airport gate tonight ✈️😴

**And we only have an hour layover in Chicago and we are already delayed 20 minutes!! 😧 😱

**And Sophie looks how I feel! 🐶 😂



READY OR NOT… here we come!! 🎈🎉🎊


November 12th- Overworked

The boat with all of our crates arrived last week! WAHOO!!!

Don’t worry… I made sure to protect my right shoulder while sorting and organizing all of our supplies!

In fact, I was SO careful with my right side… that I totally forgot how much work my left shoulder had to do in order to compensate.

I may or may not have lifted too much with my left arm.

I may or may not have called my surgeon who believes I just tore a ligament in my LEFT rotator cuff!

My surgeon may or may not have told me that I have to start icing the left shoulder every 4-6 hours AND put it in a sling for the next 10 days!

I may or may not look like I’m wearing a janky straight jacket!! 😂

All that to be said… the depot looks amazing, the supplies are being distributed where needed, most of our outdoor decorations are up, and the campus is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! 🎄🎁

It only cost me an arm and a leg… I mean an arm and another arm! 😉

#neveradullmoment #adayinthelife


November 26th- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!🍁🦃 

Happy Thanksgiving!🍁

There’s a roof up above me,
I have a good place to sleep.

There’s food on my table,
And shoes on my feet.

You gave me your love Lord,
And a fine family.

Thank You Lord – for your blessings on me!


November 27th- Children’s Church Kick-off

Tomorrow night we will be kicking off our 3-month Children’s Church Series with a special movie night!

Abbey, Malaya, Jose, and I have been working in the cafeteria since 11am…and we’re still not done!

Here’s a sneak peak of our version of Candyland!

Psalm 34:8 – Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

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