Lights Done Bright 2020

The President of Haiti flew into the Mole on a small plane that happened to be bringing supplies for our campus yesterday! Bena & Asher met him at the strip as they picked up our boxes of groceries and books. He is staying at the hotel across from the mission.  He was here last December on a visit as well.

In fact, when the President & his wife came last year –  they thought our campus was the hotel  – and that all of our lights were hung specifically for their arrival.  Their motorcade tried to pull into our gates and we had to kindly let them know that the hotel was across the street. They have always been super friendly with us during their frequent visits here.  Last year, his wife dropped off a HUGE pile of gifts for all of the kids on our campus too.

Yesterday,  he thanked our campus for continuing to decorate this dark corner of town & for spreading  joy – especially during  such a difficult year.  He told us that the community has shared with him that they feel encouraged every year by all of the holiday activities we provide.  He explained that the last time he was here – he spent several hours admiring our lights.

In Haiti – sometimes it’s the little things… (the things that seem so insignificant) – that make a difference.  Across the street from our property is the hotel AND the cemetery. It’s a very dark part of town. MANY people are afraid to walk through our area at night because of that cemetery.   In fact, for many years we had to make sure our employees did their “change of shift”  before nightfall – because everyone was afraid to walk past that cemetery.  But every Christmas, we literally get to be that “light in darkness” for all who pass by. 

Take a look at this year’s Christmas Spectacular! It’s always hard to get good pictures with so many moving lights…but we did our best! 

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