Assassination of the President of Haiti…

Last night the President of Haiti was assassinated in his home. His wife was also shot. Though there are rumors that she has died, a recent news report verified that she is actually recovering in a hospital in Florida.

My family is all together and we are safe. We have already started making plans to purchase needed supplies, food, and diesel for our campus… as we know it won’t be long before roadblocks keep trucks from delivering these much needed resources. 

On a personal note,  I was scheduled to have surgery next week but we aren’t sure how long the airports will be closed. Please pray for an abundance of strength & good health as we walk through this difficult time.

Below is a short Facebook update that I posted earlier this morning:

The President of Haiti was assassinated last night while in his home. He was just in the Mole this past Easter.

We have developed a relationship with his family through their visits to the hotel, which is located across the street from us. His wife personally delivered Christmas gifts to our Children’s Home 2 years ago. We have had nothing but friendly/funny conversations during their times here.

We do have small American teams on both of our campuses. Airports are currently closed, and our teams are scheduled to leave tomorrow. Please know that all of us are safe and that the teams are NOT afraid.

We do not anticipate our daily life to change drastically, however needed resources may become limited. Our village does not typically participate in the violence that PAP is known for. Rather this morning, wailing can be heard as their hearts are absolutely broken.

-Please pray for Haiti. Please pray for the people and the communities who feel so helpless right now.

-Please pray that the response to this shocking news will not lead to more destruction of this beautiful country.

-Please pray for wisdom for those who are now empowered to lead during these uncertain times.

-Please pray for an unceasing peace that passes all of our understanding. Though we are stunned, God is not.

-Please pray that the airports will resume for those who need to return home and that businesses will be able to open safely once again.

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