Family Update and Prayer Request…

So… yeah…. Everything is great! 😉😂

I’m happy to report that the teams made it out safely this past Sunday.

Malaya and I were scheduled to leave on Tuesday, because I have surgery scheduled this Friday.

The plane that MAF just fixed is still having trouble. So their entire schedule this week is a mess. Everyone wanted to leave after the assassination of the President, so their schedule is booked solid.

Their next “confirmed” availability is July 21st, unless someone cancels or their plane gets fixed.

We just confirmed that the Helicoper we were looking at is also full. All other planes have been grounded since the small 5-seater plane crashed a few weeks ago.

We are praying that something will work out… but worrying about it only aggravates the slow bleeding ulcer I already have! 😂


A Lesson From God’s Divine Intervention

I told Malaya that when my dad had a heart attack in 2011, Jose and I decided to rent a truck late that night. It would be a 5-hour road trip to PDP where we would then take a 7-hour bus trip to the airport. It broke down less than 10-minutes outside of the Mole. I was so mad at God. I mean didn’t HE know that this was important?

The very next morning, we found out that another truck headed toward our village was robbed at gunpoint… less than 30 minutes away from where we broke down.


Another Lesson From God’s Divine Intervention

Just last month, after needing a blood transfusion from a significant drop in hemoglobin, we flew to the states again. I convinced the doctor to let me fly back into Haiti with a scheduled therapy team – as long as I promised to come back out after their trip here.

On June 24th (when we arrived at the little airport to board the 5-passenger plane) the pilot was a no-show.

Yet again, I felt frustrated. It was the twins 12th birthday and nobody knew we were planning to surprise the whole family. They weren’t expecting us until the following week. Thankfully, MAF stepped in and made a last minute flight for us.

That EXACT same plane that we were scheduled to fly on (the one where the pilot was a no-show) was tragically the same one that crashed killing everyone on board.

So… I don’t know if God is saving us from something… if we need to be here right now for some unknown reason… or if it’s simply just the the luck of the draw.

What I do know is – I can’t change what I can’t control. Most things don’t go as planned for MOST people. Everyday is a tragedy for someone.

So we will use this extra time here wisely, and we are still packed and ready to go if we ever get the call that a plane is available.

As far as our over-all well being…

We have secured extra barrels of diesel, an extra month of food for our campus, AND we absolutely feel safe. We are NOT afraid but still trying to process the tragic news for this country – a p that has been a 2nd home for the past 41 years.

AND… on the bright side – because the past team was stuck here a few extra days – we were able to move into a newly renovated therapy space.

This beautiful room will no doubt be a welcoming/safe space for the physically/sexually abused children that I’m working with. It’s twice the size of my old one – and purposefully/thoughtfully arranged by the real professionals! 🥰

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  1. Isn’t our God amazing? Who knows how many things we are saved from because of things that go “wrong” for us. It also shows us that we don’t really control anything. I trust that God works everything out for my good even when I don’t understand.
    I am praying for all of you and for Haiti.

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