Christmas Movies 2021

It’s Night 1 of our Christmas Movie Extravaganza! 🍿 🎥

This is one of our best platforms for reaching those that never participate in our usual ministries.  There are many teenagers that never come to our church activities – but they’ll come to the movie nights. We have staff that pray over each of the chairs/benches of people. I usually give a 5-10 minute “talk” at the beginning of each night as well.

Typically, we do a full week of movies leading up to December 24th. It’s a lot of fun – but it’s also a lot of work. This year we decided to spread out the fun and have double features every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Everyone receives a ticket and a bag of popcorn as they enter the gates.  After the 1st movie, we will call out 20-30 numbers. For those who have the matching tickets, they will receive a special wrapped gift. 🎁 🎄

Before we do the drawings, we all give thanks for the gifts on the table! Once the drawings start, it’s like being on the Price Is Right! Everybody claps and yells out “thank you Jesus” as people come down to claim their gifts.  We taught them to root for each other -instead of being upset if they don’t win. 

Gifts include any of the following: toiletries, speakers, headphones, backpacks, peanut butter, rice, toys, clothes, jewelry, candles, phones, balls, skateboards, flashlights, and other various items.


It’s very chaotic & often unsafe – to randomly pass out gifts within the community. BUT we have learned that “drawings/games” are considered an acceptable way to bless others – WITHOUT any of the madness and fighting.

So not only do movie nights provide fellowship, fun, and laughter – but it’s also an organized & safe platform for giveaways! 🥰

We will give roughly 300 gifts during this month’s movie nights!

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Here are a few pictures from tonight…

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