End of School Year – Celebration

Yesterday was the last day of school for all of our Campus Kids!

(NOTE: My kids still have another 2 weeks before they are finished). 

We made a SURPRISE announcement on Wednesday, during our weekly meeting.  IF everyone gave their very best on Thursday – which was the last day of exams…. we would have a  HUGE celebration on Friday

Everything went perfectly yesterday at school! So this morning, the children woke up at 6:40am! All of the kids, their teachers, Gabriel, Tizzie, and Pierre all headed to the beach and ate breakfast at 7am! Not only did they eat breakfast – but they also ate their lunch there! 

Pierre, Tizzie, & the teachers were responsible for all of the morning activities.  (They didn’t take a whole lot of pictures – because everyone was too busy swimming and having fun!)



The kids returned back to the campus around 5pm to take showers and change out of their bathing suits. At 6:30pm, my family & Abbey –  took over for all of the night-time plans!  

We started with a big bonfire – where kids roasted hot dogs! Besides hotdogs/bread – we also had chips & soda. Once the kids were finished eating, we started our first round of games.




The first game we played was our version of “Monkeys in the Middle”. We divided the kids into teams. Those inside the square tried to capture the “foxtail ball” – which was thrown back & forth from outside the boundaries. Winners were rewarded with candy. 



After we finished round 1, we went back to the bonfire to indulge in gooey, delicious s’mores!  



After we finished eating, we came back together for another round of games.  We also passed out LED sunglasses and a “flying” LED toy. You use a rubber-band to send the toy straight-up in the air. Some of the kids sent them so high, they actually got stuck in a palm tree! LOL!



Before we knew it, it was already 9:45pm! We hadn’t finished playing all of the games we had planned. However, the kids had been going non-stop at the beach since 7am. So we decided to end with a 15-minute dance party!

I am SO thankful for all of the people that made this day possible! Pierre & Gabe were at the beach the entire day. The teachers & Tizzie were moving non-stop this morning to make sure the day went well.

Jose, Malaya, Abbey, & the rest of my kids never sat down – once the kids came back over for dinner. I was anticipating some “complaining” as we walked into the house tonight. But instead, my kids were asking if we could go back again next week!

How blessed am I – to serve alongside my family? Wow! God really is GREAT!!


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