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Save The Date – May 26th Celebration…

As many of you know, Malaya will be graduating

from Liberty North High School this May!  WAHOO!!!


Malaya has already been accepted into several different colleges and will make her final decision soon.  **Or maybe I should say her financial aid package will help her decide soon!! 🙂


The graduation ceremony will be in Missouri during Mother’s Day weekend. She will fly back into Haiti at the end of May to enjoy the summer before fall classes.


However, before she flies back home- – we want to host a little reception for her in Versailles, KY on May 26th from 4pm-6pm.


My parents, Larry & Diana Owen, will be giving a presentation for Waves of Mercy. We will also be giving an update on our ministry in the Mole! As many of you know, it’s a RARE occasion to hear both my parents and my family share ministry updates at the same time!  So do NOT miss out!


The reception will be simple. We are asking everyone to bring their favorite dessert to share. We will give more details as it gets closer to time.

But for now – be sure to pencil us in on your calendar!!

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