Community-wide Summer Sports…

For the month of August, Pierre is organizing daily soccer matches, basketball games, and volleyball games.

On August 30th, we will end the month with a fun talent show!

We have popcorn, chips, cookies, and drinks. We also have signs, cheerleaders, an announcer, and a DJ!

The teams are divided into several categories based off age, gender, and school district.

The games include both kids/staff from our campus… as well as teams from the surrounding communities.

Thanks to our friends in Michigan, OUR kids are sporting their new soccer uniforms! They REALLY feel like a “legit” team now! It has totally helped boost their confidence too!


Below is a video from yesterday.  It’s got clips of Asher & Gabriel (competing with our campus boys) – AGAINST another school team in our community.

Momma Gigi is definitely the biggest cheerleader for our boys! LOL!

Gabriel was the goalie! He took it SO seriously and did a fabulous job blocking goals!

The game ended in a tie and a GREAT TIME was had by all! Both teams will be advancing to the next round.



Today, Mikela (competing with our campus girls) played a nearby school from the community. She is player #17! Their game also ended in a tie.


I’m also attaching a few pics as well as a video from the very first soccer match  – which was Tuesday.



There’s also one short video of the girls practicing for the talent show. You can tell Fabi is the short one! 🙂

Rosie has been super busy teaching multiple groups routines. Pierre and Rosie will be hosting the show!

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