Movie Night

Every Friday night for the past two years, Jose and I have shown movies across the street off the church wall. It’s almost like a drive-in only no cars! Kids and their parents bring chairs and blankets and sit in the church courtyard. When it’s a really good movie – the streets are packed as well.

The projector we’ve been using is broken. The kids beg us to show a movie every Friday and we’ve been unable to do so for the last several months. The movies allow a chance for the community to come together. There is no electricity downtown. It’s not like the kids go to the mall or have anything to do but maybe get themselves into trouble!  

We really want to start movie night back up. If you have a projector or would like to purchase one for the mission  – we would be so grateful – as would the hundreds of kids who gather each Friday night at the church. 

This is a picture of the church courtyard – You can see the big white screen we use for our Friday nights.

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  1. Jody has anyone committed to purchase a new projector? Do you have any idea what the cost is and what kind you need? We have some mission discretionary funds possibly available and if no one has committed to this I will talk to the committee right away and see if we can take care of this.

    God Bless,

  2. No – no one has contacted us about this. We would love to have you pursue this. We don’t need anything fancy but the cheapest ones I saw on line were around 699.00 or so.

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