Update on Govt. Problems

I truly appreciate your prayers and I ask that you do not cease praying for our problems. One of the things I left out from before was that they were also trying to tell us that the property we just bought next to the mission – where our nutritional and eye clinic are  – – that we bought it from a man who doesn’t really own the property. They had threatened to take it from us – especially if we give them problems about the building. 

We’ve been searching for answers to that land issue. I didn’t want to say anything as it was already depressing enough about the building. BUT the good news is – that land is really ours. We found the original deed and we spent this last week getting the final certificates and paperwork to prove we truly do own that land. So even if they take the building back – they can’t take our land. 

But you can already see how they’re talking to us – trying to use scare-tactics and such. We still haven’t been able to locate the original paper on the building but we believe it may be filed in Port-au-Prince. If they haven’t burnt it already! Dr. Joseph is looking into that. Someone asked me – how could they get away with that?  Over here – anything goes. Keep praying. 

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  1. Hi Jody & Jose, Just found your wonderful web-site. As a member of Parkside CC, I’ve known about your family for a long time. I even had the privilege of coming to NorthWest in ’96. It was a life changing experience. Thank you for carrying on the good work your parents started. I know God is smiling down on you.
    I’m praying for the situation regarding the land and building. I know the government is corrupt, but God is good and he protects his own. Thank you for all you and your family do for the people of Haiti. Love, Gayle Thompson

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