Month: June 2009

One Day Old….

They were too cute this morning. They’re out of the NICU – PRAISE THE LORD!! One is obviously bigger than the other but they’re only a 3oz difference. The one with his eyes open is Levi. The one sleeping is Asher. They were born at 2:45pm June 25th. […]

Emergency c-section. Please pray!

Emergency C-section in 30 minutes. Babies in distress. Please pray. UPDATE: C-section finished. Baby A is not doing very good, he is having trouble breathing. Both Babies are still in the NICU.   Also Jody is in allot of pain. Please pray. Baby A-6lbs,9oz. 18 inches     […]

Still Waiting……

My body is ready for delivery – but my water hasn’t broke yet. They won’t break it – and for a week now I’ve been “ready” except for that one important part. Funny how all we ever wanted was to keep them in – – now I can’t […]


Well it wasn’t breakfast in bed – but it was waffles at the Waffle House at 3am! No joke. I couldn’t sleep and neither could Jose. I figure nothing like some greasy food to move along the laboring process! We are steadily moving it along and have high […]

Video Of Girls’ Dance Recital

I meant to post this when I did pictures of the girls but forgot. I was watching it tonight since I can’t sleep and I couldn’t help but smile. I love it when they stretch their little legs out and have their toes touch their knees. I have […]

It’s The Waiting Game….

At this point they are going to make me wait until my water breaks or I go into pre-eclampsia. Could be a few days – could be another week! Very miserable and yet for the first time today I actually was excited in remembering that I’m going to […]

Pregnancy Lullaby…..

First – thank you for the posts and the emails about Fear/Anxiety. I have picked up a lot of great heart-felt advice. Thank you for sharing your personal stories and victories over fear and how I might find peace. While I’m still pretty nervous – I do feel […]