Two Peas in A Pod…


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  1. Jodi & Jose,
    I sent you an email yesterday but I think I sent it to the wrong part of the website. I’m so glad I found your website! Levi and Asher have grown so much! You can’t even tell they were premiees. Gabriel and Malaya look like they have grown a foot since May. Malaya doesn’t even look like the same child. There’s no hint of baby left in her. If you didn’t get the original email, I have a cousin and his wife coming to Haiti in Feb on a survey trip. They are bringing their 1 yr old daughter with them and planning to stay for 2 months. By the way, I told you in the original email his name was Micah but it is Matthew, the younger brother. Their pediatrician is adamantly opposed to them taking their little girl with them. I told them I would help get them ready to take her but they needed to talk to you about raising healthy babies in Haiti. It can be done. They are very excited about coming and think they may have met you last summer when they were there on their 1st survey trip. I told them I would check with you about passing on contact information. I am praying for you and your family as you share the gospel in Haiti. Love Martha

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