One of the Things I Come Home To Every Day

Seeing Heather’s beautiful new boy – I couldn’t help but remember that special day. After 92 days in the hospital – seeing two perfect little boys – how amazing is our God! I have been so worried for Heather these past few weeks. She doesn’t blog about her troubles like I did! LOL! But she really had some scary moments. Her faith is so strong. I cannot wait for Zeb to play with Levi and Asher. How truly blessed we are on every level imaginable!

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  1. Wow look how big they are – how adorable. Found out last week that my nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby. They went for the ultrasound and have 2 strong heartbeats. This make me excited for them. What miracle babies they are. God has truly blessed you your family. Can’t wait to see them – hopefully this summer.

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