Thanksgiving In Haiti 2009

We’ve had so much fun the last several days cooking, laughing, and joking around with our mission family. When Jose and I decided we would start doing our Thanksgivings in Haiti – we really wanted to make it special. In the states you have all your extended family. When you live in a 3rd world country – not many people want to fly in for the Holidays! So we thought what better way to begin our Thanksgivings here than to have our mission family gather in our home and create a new tradition. Four years ago we started with 16 people and this year we had 38! Jose and I gave up our seats so a few more people could join.

Oh what fun! We all stood and said what we were thankful for. I have to tell you something that Angeline said that totally blew me away. Angeline’s husband died last week with TB. She stood up and said – Thank you Lord for giving me a husband that I could love here on earth. Then she broke down and cried. Can you imagine? I don’t know that I’d be “thanking” God for anything so shortly after someone I loved died – and yet here she is still giving God glory!

Every year someone at the party ends up announcing their pregnancy. The first year it was me. The 2nd year it was Ginnete. The third year it was me again. This year the lady who watches our kids – Immadel – announced she was expecting! Every time a lady spoke to say what she was thankful for – we all would say SURPRISE – waiting to see who would be the lucky one!

It was just so good to sit together and laugh. It was nice to have some Americans with us this year too. Beth, Matt, and Courtney were a wonderful addition!  In a country where there is such heart-ache on a daily basis – we all got to “forget” for just a little bit. There was so much food – I mean the line went on for forever! People made 2 and 3 trips to the buffet. I am just SO THANKFUL for my family in the states and my family here in Haiti. There is no other place I would rather be.

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