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  1. They may be double trouble, but they are adorable double blessings. Thank you for sharing the pictures. They made my day. May God continue to bless you and yours.


  2. I loved seeing the pictures. The boys are soooooooooo cute and I ditto the double-trouble comments. They are growing so fast and look so much like Gabriel. God has blessed you with such an amazing family and This summer past summer he added 2 more blessings 🙂

  3. Oh Jody, what a double blessing those precious boys are. When I think of what you went through to bring them into the world and the original prognosis for their life was from the doctor, I can only be amazed at how great our God is. Having raised 3 boys myself and helped with 3 grandsons – I can only say just savor every moment. Little boys are both a joy and a challenge. God Bless.
    In His Love, Susan Schultz

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